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    Choosing the Right Aggregate Equipment for My Application

    Powerscreen trakpactor 550 Impact Crusher

    With aggregate processing, you depend on the machines to get the job done and choosing the best equipment for your job can make a big difference in your overall profitability. Here are a few important considerations to take into account when deciding on the aggregate equipment you want to rent or buy. Considerations for All

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    Featured Waste & Recycling Process Equipment from Komptech


    At Power Screening, we offer some of the highest-quality equipment available to our customers in all aspects of the waste and recycling process. Some great examples of this are the composting and shredding equipment we offer from Komptech. This equipment can be an indispensable addition to a recycling operation, improving efficiency, productivity, and profitability. We

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    How Is Material Handling Equipment Used in Scrap Yards?

    material handling equipment for scrap yards

    Material handling equipment is crucial for maintaining smooth operations in scrap yards. These machines provide a streamlined approach to handling scrap materials that minimizes downtime, optimizes workflow, and contributes to cost savings. Material handling equipment acts as the backbone of these operations, enabling your business to process materials quickly and effectively. Types of Material Handling

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    How to Choose a Rock Crusher

    There are several different rock crusher options, and each is used for slightly different purposes. When choosing a rock crusher for your operations, it’s important to first identify the stage of crushing you’re using the machine for. This will determine the appropriate solution for your needs. Rock Crushing Stages There are three different stages of

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    How to Choose the Right Screening Equipment

    Screening equipment performs essential functions for a variety of aggregate processing applications. In order to ensure this important task is completed properly, you’ll need to choose the right screening equipment for the specific sorting task associated with your application. Screening plants are used to size and separate rock materials after crushing. During the screening process,

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    Most Expensive Construction Equipment in 2024

    most expensive construction equipment

    If you’re looking to upgrade your construction equipment this year, one of the biggest decisions you’ll need to make involves whether to purchase new or used equipment. In some instances, renting your construction equipment may even be the best option for your business. There are several factors impacting this decision, including cost, warranties available, and

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    Portable vs. Modular Wash Plants

    wash plants

    Construction companies rely on efficient equipment to optimize their projects. Among these tools, the wash plant stands out as a crucial piece that plays a significant role in many construction project timelines. This equipment is responsible for ensuring the cleanliness of aggregates, and it directly impacts the quality and durability of structures. You have two

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    Should I Buy or Rent a Wheel Loader?


    There’s a big job you want to bid, but to do it efficiently you’ll need a wheel loader. Or another wheel loader – it seems like you never have enough. Perhaps you even won the bid, and now you need to get the wheel loader to do the job. There’s just one question: is it

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    Should I Rent or Buy a Rock Crusher?

    Powerscreen Primiertrak jaw crusher crushing rocks

    You need a rock crusher for your next big job, but you don’t have one now. It’s time to get one, but should you buy or rent? Some people would have you think this is a simple math problem, but you know that when you’re running a company like yours, there’s a lot more than

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    Trommel Screen vs. Vibrating Screen – Which Do I Need?

    trommel screen

    Screening equipment plays a critical role in many construction projects, allowing you to more effectively filter materials of different sizes. As items such as rocks, minerals, composts and waste materials are fed into the machine, mesh screens of different sizes will be used to sort the material. Large objects will only fit through certain mesh

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