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    Komptech Multistar Online Brochure

    Multistar S3

    The Multistar S3 is the entry-level member of Komptech’s professional star screen line. Designed expressly for the needs of moderate volume users, the S3 combines low cost with a level of performance previously only available in the high-capacity L and XL class. The Multistar S3 has small dimensions while still offering mobility for service providers or multi-site use. Like the higher capacity models, the applications range from composting and food waste shredding, to mulch and bark processing. Similarly, almost all the options of the larger machines are available – wind sifting of the medium and overs fraction, screen deck variations, switch from 3 to 2 fractions, hopper extensions and much more. The S3 naturally meets Komptech’s green efficiency criteria: high efficiency at low emissions.

    Multistar L3

    High throughput across a wide range of applications, combined with the patented cleaning system for an outstanding degree of separation even with wet materials, make it the most capable machine in its class. And then there‘s its impressive energy efficiency. All machine components are electrically driven. The power can come from the grid for the lowest cost, or from the on-board generator where grid power isn’t available. The new features boost operating flexibility and simplify maintenance. Cover panels don‘t just protect the components inside, they also serve as access doors for full access to all
    maintenance points.

    Multistar XL3

    The XL3 adds to Komptech’s line of large star screens. Its extra long coarse screen deck is a major benefit where coarse screening is a bottleneck, for example with fresh biomass. It brings a definite increase in throughput. The high performance and a semitrailer design for easy transport make the new XL3 perfect for large volume producers that demand mobility. The XL3 offers unmatched flexibility through the simple adjustability of the screen cut and market-leading low energy consumption with all-electric drive, using electricity from onboard generator or grid.

    Multistar XXL3

    The Multistar XXL3 is a top of the line high performance star screen from Komptech. This machine is designed for the most demanding operation with the highest throughput while retaining the benefits of mobility. Heavy-duty components for continuous operation, large screen decks with wide discharge belts and a powerful, but extremly economical electric drive all ensure throughput. The end result: Unbeatably low operating costs at full production.

    Multistar XXL2

    The Multistar XXL2 is designed as a pure 2-fraction star screen and gives high performance, with up to 660 yd³/h throughput. The XXL2 is a promising alternative to drum screens in situations where separation into three fractions is not strictly necessary, for example compost screening and bark processing. The Multistar XXL2 offers unparalleled flexibility through the simple adjustability of the screen cut, and low energy consumption through all-electric drive (using electricity from generator or grid).


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